“I sent all three of my children to Bingham Kindergarten and all three loved every moment. I could not have asked for a more secure, loving and stimulating environment for my children to start their education. It meant by the time they had reached school age they were excited about the next stage of learning and not at all daunted by a new adventure.

Mrs Hughes and the rest of her team are incredibly considerate to every child’s different needs. They really care about all aspects of child development. I could not recommend Bingham Kindergarten enough.”


“Both of my little boys have been through the hallowed halls of Bingham Kindergarten.  There is no better place for a little person to be introduced into school life. The care, attention and nurturing that they receive is exceptional. Toddlers walk in wobbly and a confident, happy, caring and inquisitive child walks out ready to tackle the next stage of their school life.”

"Frederick really enjoyed his time at Bingham Nursery and the small, nurturing groups gave him plenty of confidence to explore the wider world around him.  One of the features for him was watching an incubator of eggs hatching into chicks a few days later.  Frederick spent a very happy time at Bingham."


“My daughter loved every minute at Bingham Kindergarten.  She settled in straight away and had wonderful support from all the staff with her delayed walking.  Bingham Kindergarten is a warm, calm and always fun environment, a perfect start to their early years.”


“Rosie adored her time at Binghams, she felt totally secure and happy in her surroundings and really thrived in the nurturing environment, which we felt set the nursery apart.   We miss those happy days, and our Binghams smock!”

"I cannot impress on anyone enough when deciding on a nursery in Gloucestershire that Binghams is the only choice!  All 4 of our children attended Binghams with our youngest starting at the same time as Mrs Hughes and they all loved it from the first moment and every day after.  What they do brilliantly is that they get to know each individual child so well and give them so much confidence.  Our youngest is now in Year 1 and he still asks to go back to nursery so he can do some woodwork.  The twice yearly concerts in the impressive hall are pure gold for the parents but also so good for the children.  Our 3rd child couldn’t even stand on the stage when he started and he was Joseph in the nativity by the end.  Just one of the many examples of how they get it so right."

"I knew Bingham was the right place for my son within minutes of being shown around.  It's one of those magical places you feel calm and nurtured in as soon as you walk through the door.  It is a stress free peaceful environment with wonderful staff that also manages to be full of energy and creativity.  We have just completed our first parents evening at Primary school and the teachers are full of praise for Bingham and have said they can tell it is an excellent nursery too.  My son loves to learn and they have encouraged his curiousity and helped give him the best start a nursery could give."