Opening Hours


We are open from Monday to Thursday from 9 am to 3 pm. We are closed on Fridays from September 2021.

Breakfast Club will be from 8 am to 9 am daily.


Summer Term 2021

Term beings: Monday 19th April

Bank Holiday: Monday 3rd May

Half Term:  Friday 28th May

Return on:  Monday 7th June

End of term:  Friday 16th July

Christmas Term 2021

Term begins: Monday 6th September

Half Term:  Thursday 21st October

Return on:  Monday 1st November

End of Term:  Thursday 16th December

Spring Term 2022

Term begins: Monday 3rd January

Half Term: Thursday 17th February

Return on: Monday 28th February

End of term: Thursday 31st March

Summer Term 2022

Term begins: Monday 25th April

Half Term: Thursday 26th May

Return on: Monday 6th June

End of Term: Thursday 14th July